The flowers, flavors, and fragrances you love? That’s our specialty.

In 2016, our 106-hectare plant was constructed in Zagatala’s Ashagi Tala village. Aptly named the Rose Land of Azerbaijan, this headquarters has been the hub of our mission ever since.

Just 5 minutes from the factory are the farms where our flowers are harvested – far from standard industrial plants to avoid soil contamination. Not only does keeping our farms close help us get the plants we need quickly for speedy production with their potency intact, but it also allows us to ensure they’re high quality.

Those ingredients include 1,250 tons of wet flowers, 250 liters of golden roses, and 6,000 liters of lavender flower oil per year. Don’t forget thousands of roses and hundreds of thousands of petals. This quick supply of carefully cultivated building blocks allows our clients to be confident in what they’re receiving. 

Whether it’s a retailer that will sell our products, a wholesaler who will move them in bulk, or even a manufacturer who will use them as ingredients in their own process, we know they’ll love our products. Those products include:

  • Rose, Lavender, Peppermint, and Wormwood Oil
  • Rose Water Hydrosol
  • Lavender and Peppermint Water
  • Lavender Flower

But it’s more of how we do it that sets us apart. Our production process is free of synthetic chemicals, and we’re working toward our USDA organic certification. However, our real strength lies in combining the best of both worlds.

Our traditional harvesting method sees each petal picked with care by hand. While the old-school approach works with harvesting, distilling requires a modern take. That’s why we use state-of-the-art equipment to minimize processing activity and help these ingredients retain their essence.

Our products end up on the shelves of retailers, in the cabinets of aromatherapists, and in various other places across the world. However, we make no claims we can’t back up. We aren’t like some of the other names in this industry, who claim their oils possess healing properties or other otherworldly qualities.

Instead, we stick to claims we can verify based on the science of our processes – we offer an array of synthetic, chemical-free essential oils with the essence of some of the world’s favorite flavors.

We know our customers are knowledgeable about the true benefits of essential oils and the reasons to pursue a chemical-free option.

When you’re looking for a reliable direct seller that offers both quality and affordability, look no further. From cosmetics and fragrances to food flavoring and therapy treatments, we have the essential oils you need for almost any application.

Quality, affordability, and authenticity – that’s what all our customers should expect.